3D photoreal interior space visualisation

Accurate physical lighting and really detailed fabrics

Careful design really enhances this 3D loft conversion space featuring roof windows and soft furnishings.

Scene modelled in 3D Studio Max, fabrics created with MD5, rendered with VRay, and post processed with photoshop. Various plugins used for things including foliage, textures, carpet/fabric fibres and materials.

3D photoreal interior space visualisation

VRay for lighting

The accuracy of VRay for evaluating how the roof windows affect the lighting for this loft conversion space is fantastic.

We particularly liked the real time VRay rendering which let us place and adjust windows to get a natural look without having so much work 'faking' the interior light behaviour with arrays of inside lights. Some other render software struggle with speedily bringing complex light behaviour from outside scenes in through glazing.

Above is an override material shot to show that lighting concept a bit more clearly.

3D photoreal interior space visualisation

Marvellous Designer for fabrics

Marvellous designer is a real boon for creating great accurate fabrics.

Rich and detailed with flow, depth, folds ,stretches, pinches and creases. We love using Marvellous Designer for all our fabric and soft furnishing clients. In general use we often go to MD for our cloth, clothes, furniture, curtains, carpets etc needs.

Fores Pack Pro for realistic exterior planting

Realistic 3D exteriors via Forest Pack Pro are hugely useful for virtual photoshoots.

Swinging the camera around, or opening blinds and curtains are much easier, when you have a proper 3D environment. Adding an exterior to an interior scene like this might seem excess work, but you get great light behaviour. It also makes it far more simple to respond to notes, move window positions, open and close blinds, add new camera angles, change time of day and lighting and so on.

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