Animated Product Design Visualisation

These 3D product visualisation images and video are part of an on-going series of product and product 'in-situ' in virtual 3D environment work. These projects are spread across marketing, promotional, exhibition, brochure, internal, presentation, design, video and social uses.

3D graphics and visualisation allow us to see products before their protypes are finished, evaluate many different designs, composite them into photographs and video, and even locate the products into photoreal architectural environments that don't exist. Computer 3D gives us great freedom to view products in exciting ways that are impractical or impossible with photoshoots and conventional filming. One off the big avantages of 3D scenes, is being able to return to the same scenes months or years later and recreate the same start conditions, and then modify elements to achieve new projects.

Below are some complementary uses of the 3D assets to produce brochure, presentation, marketing and more visuals. A few seconds of fast paced 'on rails' video animatic that threads through the scene geometry, produced from existing scenes. Also futher 3D scene uses include massive resolution two and a half meter high life-size 3D printed wall panels for physical products to mounted to at exhibition time.