Architectural Visualisation of a major Plant Redevelopment

Major plant redevelopments require a great deal of planning for the boards and management involved. Expanding large manufacturing facilities will necessitate a great of communication of complicated plans within and between various design teams, including engineers, architects, surveyors and also back and forth to other often non-technical stakeholders. As an inevitable part of the process, extensive construction proposals will also often bring up many approvals, compliance and communications issues with local and national government bodies, health and safety, trade and industry bodies, local special interest or environmental groups. 3D visuals, architectural visualisation, photo montage, verified views and image editing are extremely useful tools to help many different parties receive the essence of proposals or ideas swiftly and easily - avoiding a great deal of potential expense and/or delay.

Particularly for planning and/or local community communications, using visuals that highlight a low impact expansion making more effective use of existing space, can make a major development instantly register as much less contentious than it can sound by words alone, and can greatly help to allay potential objections.

Of course sometimes the site images, versus the proposal images, can also make a nice spot the difference competition!