Virtual Photoshoots. Better, more flexible media and cost savings at the same time.

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Imagine physically redecorating, reinstalling lighting and swapping furniture for the same room 30 times to get a hotel revamp right? Imagine moving 60 sofa styles, each made in 80 fabric variations possible, to several photoshoot locations to make a product catalogue! Just think of the army of men and vans you'd need to organise to move 4800 sofas around! Then try and keep the lighting consistent across all those scene changes to make all the different shots for website, catalogue, and the marketing/hero shot images.

3D allows our clients to both make some very big savings, have far greater freedom to iterate designs cost effectively, and have more flexible materials where upcoming fabrics and finishes can be put into existing interior and furniture assets and styles, or new styles can be matched to existing fabrics and finishes.

Save money using the efficiency of a virtual photoshoot with Moko3D, while increasing sales with great flexible media at the same time. Who can argue with that!

When you change one important element... can change the atmosphere of the entire space.

"Can we try the checked fabric against the light blue?" - Check!

"Can we try the striped sample against the green" - Sure!

Computers naturally understand straight lines fairly easily, as they are more simple to define, but complex curved surfaces require more knowledge and effort to 'explain' to computers. Creating high quality accurate 3D models, for example shapes like fabrics and furnishing with their folds and creases takes experience and skill. It's important to define the uvw texture flows so that fabrics realistically map across the direction of the surfaces and bend and crease as they should. Fabrics and finishes should be carefully setup with all their properties for how they react to and pass on direct and indirect light from different angles and sources and what weave and structure the surfaces have. The pay off is incredibly flexible assets that you can quite literally do ANYTHING with, opening possiblities to use and recombine assets across a client library that would be totally cost prohibitive with photography.

Virtual photo shoots in 3D allow our clients to make some very large savings, have far greater freedom to iterate designs cost effectively and have much more varied output with different angles, multiple locations, videos and interactive pictures.

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