Interactive at exhibitions. Touchscreens for 3D animation and product display.

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It's always great seeing our work in use being both enjoyed, and highly effective.

Our clients have some beautifully designed products with many clever functions. Our work at Moko3D enables our partners to quickly and easily show their key features and benefits. We can demonstrate complex processes in clear ways that really draw people in, and are far more effective than the competition.

Here are some photos of clients visually demonstrating product functionality to their customerbase using interactive touchscreen 3d animation systems for product display. Videos, 3D, animations, and text are easily available through the touchscreen. The immediacy of internal views, in motion shots, fluid operations, and more really help decision makers to connect to and understand the products quickly and robustly. It's also fantastic if your visitors can learn a lot about your products even during moments when all your sales force are already occupied.

It sounds complex (and can be to create) but it's extremely simple for any end user to operate. Icon based, with plain and simple menus and clicks, and provides details in multiple languages.

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