Wall sized CGI renders and Life-size 3D for installations, exhibitions, signage, events, hoardings, billboards

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Life-size 3D is a new and thrilling technique to project big ideas, but in a very cost effective way.

Life-size 3D transfers masses of contextual information simply and easily, but without being overwhelming. It will help you stand out from your competition, and excite your clients, customers, visitors, audience. It is fantastic for creating an impact, for utilising clever perspective effects, and most of all for enabling you to easily use otherwise impractical or expensive objects and environments in all types of locations.

What is Life-size 3D?

An eye-catching installation of massive resolution computer generated 3D graphics. These 3D renderings are carefully designed to have photoreal qualities that blend with real life settings and objects at cleverly matched scale. Any environments or objects you can wish for, whether real or fantastical can be turned into Life-size 3D installations.

Life-size 3D can have fine detail inside every millimeter and still extend into coverage of many meters. The techniques can be applied still (via printing) and moving (via projection) into temporary or permanent spaces: all types of premises and sites, exhibitions, public locations, events and festivals, even packaging.

If you walk up to a Life-size 3D doorway it should seem almost possible to walk through. A Life-size 3D projection or printing of a car should feel like it’s at a good size for you to use. A life-size 3D room entices you to walk into it, be part of it.

Client Perspective on Life-size 3D

"MOKO3D have had a crucial role in the overall brand shift for Brightwell over the past year and a half.  We originally asked for their input to help create a "wow" effect on our stand at a major trade show in Amsterdam last year.  With life-size 3D visuals covering the stand walls, we could include our products in their original environments, giving the customer an instant understanding of the product purpose.  The overall look-and-feel of our stand created a lot of buzz within the trade show, and attracted a record number of prospect customers on the stand.

Following the success we had in Amsterdam, we asked Piers to expand their work to reach a number of other communication channels we use, including the creation of 3D visuals with products in situ used on our website, brochures, advertising, demonstration boards, corporate presentation etc.. We have also used the exhibition visuals in other European trade shows, and are about to use them on our stand in USA to help kick-start our business there."

Suzanne Gardent
Group Marketing Manager
Brightwell Dispensers Ltd
Bright Tech Investments Ltd

10 Things Life-size 3D can do for you

  • Transform flat, blank, empty, or underused space, make small areas feel massive, get the most value out of your footprint.
  • Create any environments, machinery, and props you can think of, at tiny fractions of the real world cost restrictions.
  • Surprise people with unexpected optical illusions and environments.
  • Engage people from far away, and draw them in close.
  • Convey masses of context and information at first sight.
  • Blend real and virtual environments, machinery & products to stunning effect.
  • Turn awkward spaces to your advantage.
  • Control lighting effects in precise ways that aren’t achievable with actual lights & levels in the real environments.
  • Paint your imagination large irrespective of the physical constraints. Want to put an aircraft hangar into a 3m x 2m wall?
  • Be more exciting than your competition. Harness some creative depth to make underutilised spaces stand out.

If you would like some more specific ideas on how to harness Life-size 3D to your advantage, that are relevant to your business or organisation, get in touch.

Thanks to our lovely clients Brightwell and CT Automatismos Y Procesos for the photos of our Life-size 3D creations in use at various exhibitions and trade shows across Europe.

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