Tight timescale challenge! How realistic can a Moko3D virtual recreation of a physical product be?

Challenge! How real can you model and render 3D furniture

Begin with this photo and a few measurements

physical sofa photo to duplicate in 3D

We were set a challenge, with a short timeframe, for a furniture manufacturer. We received just a few basic measurements and a couple of photographs of the product, like this one. The we set about modelling a Moko3D virtual sofa that is a digital proxy for the original product.

Initial renders of our virtual replica taking shape

Our 3D recreation of the original product becomes a 3 dimensional model that our tech can now render from different angles. Next steps are refining the textures, lighting and movement!

Watch the video - (do set it to high quality streaming!)

With our detailed 3D product created, uvw-mapped, textured and lit, we can render it in all sorts of ways. You can see the folds in the cloth, the way the light and shadows play across the fabric.

Below the video, in the new renders you can begin to appreciate some of the open ended possibilities Moko3D virtual models have to be adapted and edited and used in new ways.

When we create our 3D models we can of course move and turn the product to create video. We can also reshoot new angles and animation days or years later (without anything like the costs of perfectly recreating a physical photoshoot), for new campaigns. We can also manipulate our 3D models in entirely new ways, adding new fabric and textures, moving them to new scenes, lighting them in entirely different fashions.

You can see something of our process from the reference image, the inital renders, the video results for moving the model, the texturing and lighting we created, and new environments and textures we could now utilise.

Our 3D mesh is very highly detailed, right down to polygonal folds in the cloth that really give soft furnishings a rich and highly realistic base. The textures are very carefully created to simulate the actual surface properties of the cloth, how it bounces light, how the threads and weave are irregular and have texture and depth. All texture shaders are carefully designed to elimate seams and repeating edges of course. Combined with a painstaking UVW unwrap process, and then very careful lighting and rendering settings the end result is an extremely close virtual 3D replica of the product - which we can now digitally view, manipulate and render in limitless ways.

3D means flexibility

physical sofa photo to duplicate in 3D

Moko3D phototreal product model, now on tour to new destinations, and new visuals!

3D means many possible locations and uses

Here's our sofa, enjoying a luxurious tropical holiday location.

Here's our sofa, enjoying a photoshoot at a luxurious tropical holiday location. This tropical scene is also a Moko3D digital environment and can be combined with our digital models.

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