Forklift Accident Safety 3D Animation

Computer animation translates easily across territories and cultures

One of the strong points of computer visualisation and animation are that they can so easily translate to different languages and different territories all over the globe. 3D rendered videos can have a territory, nationality, language  neutral stance in a way that shooting live-action video with the accompanying casting of actors, choosing of sets rarely achieves. Information, training and promotional packages that will be distributed worldwide, in different languages, are particularly suited to animation.

3D characters make great test dummies for dangerous situations!

Of course 3D computer animation is also particularly suited to dangerous and accident type training and marketing presentations. No 3d characters were permanently harmed during the making of these animations!

This animation features the Caema Rite-Hite automated loading door with telescoping dock leveler system. It also showcases and explains the innovative Safe-T-Lip safety barrier for preventing forklift & loading dock accidents.

Modelled and animated with 3D Studio max and various support packages including premiere, character studio, photoshop etc.

You can spot a still here from a seasonal santa episode!