Integrated 3D Architectural Visualisation

3D architectural pre- visualisation and animations are a crucial element in the success of many building developments whether shopping centers, hotels, individual homes, office blocks or town planning. The process covers many aspects of rendering stills and videos for our built and constructed environments.

Integrating well planned architectural visualisation from the start and throughout a projects lifecycle has both an extremely good track record for successful projects, from creating winning bids, to successful design and construction, to filling the units with buyers and leasers, and use of the site/complex. Integrating the visualisation stages across the lifecycle also provides great economies of scale as 3D assets and work can be reused or evolved many times over.

Used initially for capturing investment, good 3D architectural visualisation can then be iterated and developed internally for decision making, design approvals and authorising funding/milestones. External uses include planning permissions, and local, governmental and community organisations and bodies. Promotional and marketing uses can include TV commercials, local news programme inserts, city billboards, site external displays like hoardings, brochures, websites, DVDs and presentations for prospective buyers, businesses, visitors and inhabitants for the complex. Additionally various added value projects benefit for example wayfinding and site navigation graphics.