Interior Architectural Visualisation: Designing this blank canvas space to maximise the dimensions and layout

Interior Design Visualisation: A blank canvas

Our task was to design and create 3D architectural visualisation for this blank canvas property. A important facet of the brief was the complete imagining of a stylish living space that is tailored to the constraints of the room dimensions and layout and also the south facing balcony feature. All of the existing walls have doorways, windows and/or radiators, so careful layout choices and use of interior design skills to harmonize the space were essential.

Fitted shelving that extends from two walls above and around the hallway entrance is a design choice that links this room to the hallway beyond increasing the feelings of space in the room. The shelving visualises ample storage without greatly reducing the dimensions of the room. Clean lines on opposite walls prevent the room from feeling cluttered. The extended upper header to the shelving with inset downlighers provides light that fans all shelves, while adding feature lighting to the room. Key to our use of fitted shelving for the visual was the ability to box in the existing radiator, and also incorporate TV and media units making a cohesive feature of the whole wall.

The furniture choices reflect both the modern lines and the sill heights of the windows, while the accent colour of the central red upholstered-coffee-table both livens the room and provides flexibility of use, coffee table, feet rest, and extra seating as required.

Even 3D scenes that need to conform to some exacting real world constraints can allow us many freedoms to do the impractical or impossible for the real world. For example camera choices like a smoothly moving dolly shot to a mid air position beyond the balcony edge even showing some street level below - a shot that would require a large crew, a mass of equipment and huge expense with conventional camera rigs, even if the decorated room 'existed' to physically film.

Having complete control to design all of the 3D lighting conditions including the sun is also extremely helpful when constructing these interior to exterior dolly/crane shots and yet keeping a good balance between art, accuracy, light exposure levels and realism.

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