Life-Size 3D Kitchen Exhibitions

These Life-size 3D renderings that were drawn from several projects were created for a variety of installations in multiple formats & variations, including exhibition in several countries. They have proved extremely successful and beneficial for the client and keep evolving to new uses, new locations, and new installations.

The visualisations were created at a massive resolutions, to completely fill meters of wall space. The eyelines and perspectives struck a careful balance between viewing from far away and walking right up to them and seeing high detail even in close. Physical products were mounted to the panels, providing a great deal of use, location and functionality information at first sight.

Life-size 3D imagery is very popular with exhibition goers, attracting a great deal of attention and traffic, including from long distances.

Re-purposing of the assets allowed the creation of multiple variations for marketing, promotional and brochure images from many viewpoints at low cost. Images for print or video animation incorporate virtual 3D models of the physical products.