Moko3D Digital media and 3D production

We create brilliantly clear and engaging visual communications.

Our work can be used on the web, in videos, on your phone or tablet, in games, on tv, in apps, in print, at presentations, at exhibitions, for training, at events, at board meetings, at pitches and many more situations.

Any company or body will benefit greatly from communicating visually. We enable you to display difficult concepts simply, transfer information rapidly, and win people over to your point of view.

A few example ways clients are using our work

  • Obtaining building/construction planning with our verified views and flythroughs
  • Patient information and consents for hospital procedures with our medical animations
  • Cost savings and increased product sales using our virtual photoshoots
  • Training for critical and emergency situations with our videos and simulations
  • Visualising and enabling amends to hotel, store, restaurant, premises refits
  • Interpreting complex reports and business change strategies for stakeholders
  • Explaining complex product functionality very simply
  • Solving line of sight issues e.g. road and rail signalling, landscaping, site work
  • Securing investment, sales and leases for property developments with our marketing packs
  • Displaying touchscreen 3D products and lifesize environment graphics at exhibitions
  • Communicating visually and faster, particularly across languages and into new territories

Medical, Pharmaceutical

  • Mode of Action animations
  • Promotional graphics
  • Data, reports and studies visualisation
  • Medical process animation
  • Anatomical, technical, biological rendering

Exhibition, Event

  • 3D Floor plans
  • Stand and Display design visualisation and animation
  • Print graphics
  • Projection animated Graphics
  • Large format and Life Size 3D

Product Visualisation

  • Virtual Photoshoots, Brochures and Advertising
  • Detailed Modelling and Texturing
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Simulations
  • Process Design Visualisation
  • Interactive 3D turntables
  • Design iteration and prototype visuals
  • Product development, finance, patent visuals
  • Product training videos
  • Promotional animations
  • Board report & graphics
  • consumer testing imagery

Communications Visual Services

  • Data Visualisation
  • Process info-graphics
  • Condensed Report videos
  • Corporate animations
  • Presentation and pitch visuals
  • Technical to non-tech visual communications
  • Stake and share holder videos
  • Training and compliance animations

Broadcast, TV

  • 2D and 3D Info and Motion graphics
  • CGI and Special Effects
  • Reconstruction Animation
  • Historical rendering
  • Technical images
  • Titles and overlays
  • Data Visualisation
  • Animatics