Virtual Photoshoots

The results of our virtual photoshoots are excellent, and come with several major advantages over traditional photoshoots.

How we do it

Firstly we model and texture your product with accurate to hyper realistic detail. The meshes and shaders can be just like the real thing.

Once we have our 3D assets we can now create photoshoots for you of your product from many angles, or as moving video. We can light and shoot the product within whitebox studio type lighting environments, or shoot the product as part of a 3D photoreal scene to give it the context and aspirational qualities you desire.

Just like the real thing - at a fraction of the cost

The setup can be repeated and recreated exactly, including animated elements. Everything can be edited and refined to a extremely precise degree. Because we're creating digital data we can often quite easily evolve new products or new styling, produce new or seasonal variations, move the product to a new location or environment with only a small part of the traditional costs that "getting everyone and everything back, to do it all again" requires.

A flexible timescale

Virtual photoshoots are much more flexible about timescales and can be spread out over long design and production lifecycles, which can be much more convenient for you, without incurring the same costs that more traditional methods require. We can return to a virtual photoshoot even years later, and everything is still setup and ready to go, make the new tweaks and then re-render.

When dealing with many similar products or products with multiple finishes virtual photoshoots very quickly becomes a huge cost saving. Our smart workflows and robust 3D meshes and shaders allow us to pass on to you our many savings on duplication of effort. For a traditional photography studio it's much harder to clone any aspects of their work.

Finally we can break any of the rules and create physically impossible imagery, which when used consciously can have a great impact.