Piers Chapman

Hello, I’m Piers.

I will brief and oversee your project.

For over 2 decades I've been briefing and creating 3D visual projects. That's a long track record in a young industry. I'm skilled at identifying the goals, pitfalls and opportunities for clients. I have a talent and a lot of experience at rapidly gaining a lot of knowledge about a project and how it works in context. This is essential to being able to explain it to others, through visuals and animation, in an exciting, effective way. We then deliver the bespoke media that solves problems and advances your project.

My experience is a real advantage.

I'm very familiar with rapidly discovering a lot about new businesses and processes. Having briefed and understood intricate aspects of so many very varied fields over the years there's often ideas that I can cross-pollinate. I will bring a fresh perspective and useful insights to your project.

I do plainspeak and techie talk.

I'm an accomplished veteran 3D generalist. I know all the technical CG angles. I can turn that knowledge in to a very down to earth conversation without lots of techno babble being necessary. We can work out how to achieve your goals, and optimise the detail and polish, within a budget.

My big satisfaction is enabling my clients to do more.

The visuals and animation I've made, have let my clients get big projects funded, expand into new territories and marketplaces, increase performance and efficiency, win people over, make masses of sales and new business, and communicate better whether internally or to customers, patients, stake holders, regulatory bodies and more. That's what I view as success.

If you want to know more.

Use our contact details or email me: Piers@Moko3D.com. You can connect to me on LinkedIn.

Also why not make a connection to Moko3D pages. You can occassionally see what we're up to, when we get a moment to post images or video that we've made. On Facebook - On Twitter - On LinkedIn - On Google+


I will make your project really easy to grasp, and look marvellous, so it sells itself.


We began in London, then on to Tunbridge Wells on the Sussex, Kent border. After for many years our production studio was based on the seafront in the creative/digital/IT hub in Brighton and Hove. Recently we expanded our UK studio from the seafront of Brighton to the north of England. Our main studio space is in beautiful countryside, but with a short ride to Leeds, Hull, York, Sheffield and Nottingham and not much further afield to Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle.

UK Clients

We work with many companies spread across the UK, around and throughout London and the South East in major cities like Birmingham, Bristol, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, York and many places in between.

European Clients

We work with companies across Europe from German engineering firms, to Swedish vodka companies.

Global Clients

Worldwide we've created projects for every continent, excepting Antartica and Africa, so far anyway!

Companies we've worked with include:

BBC, Tesco, Metropolitan Police, Autodesk, NBS, ITV, Universal, Railtrack, Virgin, Derek Lovejoy Partnership, Channel 5, Zaha Hadid Architects, Westwood, W.S. Atkins, Bechtel, Commotion, Fox TV, Debenhams, Eidos, Aardman Animations, Shell, Simulus, Millar Freeman, Deloitte, Brightwell, Guilbert Group, Amnesty International, ZEBRA, European Golf, O.D.S., Jester, CAEMA, RITE HITE, SolarGlass, IMPACT, Kinetix, G.M.F., BTI group, Rosswood, Rebellion, Cyberia, PWS Technology, Graphics Domain, Müller-Wenk, EIDO healthcare, Golden Mean Design, SWK Advertising, Genetics, EASYi, Spa Films, Team Association, Cadline, DrewFrank, Ashtour, Cadac AIS, Herman Miller, Bonett's, Spirits Of Gold, Raymond Smith Partnership, Flynn Pharma, Swan Golf Designs, Nutshell, Abcott Clayton, CT Automatismos y Procesos, Pico Estil Group, Meridian TV