Stefanie took first place in an image challenge for the 7th year of the prestigious Ronen Bekerman competition, for the cutting edge of Arch Viz. The prize included useful Laubwerk software.

Our 3D rendering work was featured in this month's 3D Artist magazine, issue 98.

Imagine physically redecorating the same room 30 times to refine what a hotel revamp should be beforehand? Imagine moving 60 sofa styles, each made in 80 fabric variations possible, to the photoshoot location! Just think of the army of men and vans you'd need to organise to move 4800 sofas! Then try and keep the lighting consistent across all those scene changes to make all the different shots for website, catalogue, and the marketing/hero shot images.

3D allows our clients to both make some very big savings, have far greater freedom to iterate designs cost effectively, and have more flexible materials where upcoming fabrics can be put into existing furniture styles, or new styles can be matched to existing fabrics.

Save money through efficiency while increasing sales at the same time, who can argue with that!

Our digital work being enjoyed and employed to great success. Demonstrating complex product design benefits and functionality, both swiftly and simply.

Complete photorealistic environments rendered and printed at real world scale for displaying physical products, in America. Wall covering print installations of life-size 3D in the United States for training, sales, demonstration rooms.